About Me!

Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Jeanna Rhodes and I am beginning my third year as a 4th Grade teacher. I have a true passion for teaching and love to incorporate literature into learning as often as possible. Throughout the school year, we will discuss many interesting topics from vertebrate animals to our ancestors coming to America! All of these topics allow us to explore them even further through the use of literature. The purpose of this site is for you and your families to respond to the books that we read together in class. This is your opportunity to express your thoughts, feelings, and/or reactions to what we read in support of our learning.


Why Blog?

You might be asking yourself, “Why on Earth would I want to blog about reading???” That’s actually a GREAT question and one that many students ask themselves. Let me ask you this: Do you own an iPod? iPhone? DS? Tablet? If you answered “Yes” to owning any of those devices then that is exactly why you should be blogging! Our world is surrounded by technology and what better place to incorporate what we already know and love than into our education?! Believe it or not, technology SHOULD be apart of your daily life at school! Besides, you love using your devices, right? Here are a few reasons why you should be blogging about what you read, according to 5 Reasons Your Students Should Blog, by George Couros:

1. Allows you to freely and openly express your thoughts, comments or questions about your reading.

2. You can learn what others are learning. Maybe a classmate took on a different approach than you did; what a great opportunity to discuss with each other your points of view!

3. You can always go back and reflect on your previous blogs. How wonderful to not have to save 1,342 pieces of paper to keep track of your own progress! With a blog, your learning is always recorded in one spot.

4. YOU are creating your own learning foot print. Your blog is a piece of learning that others can read and reflect on to support their own learning.

According to Six Reasons Why Kids Should Know How To Blog, “As our world moves ever closer towards the Internet as the main vehicle for communication, we feel that we are helping our students understand the language they will need to navigate this new territory.” That’s right, you’ve always heard your teachers tell you that, “I’m preparing you for your future!” While you may have rolled your eyes and thought otherwise, it really is true! As teachers, we know the world in which you are living in and the bigger world that you will be entering long after you walk through our classroom doors. Much of our communication today is via Internet and as students, you need to be taught the responsible way for using this form of communication.

Blogging with Family!

Believe it or not, your family can even be in on your educational blogging! Linda Yollis, a third grade teacher, featured a “Family Blogging Month” on their classroom blog. Family members (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) were all encouraged to participate in the blog to support the third graders education. Of course, you can respond to your family members blog posts and discuss and/or ask questions about their experiences! You could even post a response to how you would have felt if you were in their shoes. The possibilities are endless!

What are some things my family could blog about?

1. Maybe a grandparent experienced, first hand, a topic we are discussing in class and can relate to one of the books that we read. He/she could share their experiences.

2. Share connections they have to what we are reading about.

3. Share a story that they remember when they were studying what we are studying now.

Text Sets

Throughout the school year, our class will use books and resources to support our learning within specific topics. We call this “text sets.” According to Read, Write Think, text sets are a variety of books covering one topic that could include:






Non-Fiction Books